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Sustainable Living Center

What is a sustainable community, and how can we contribute to it as individuals? The Pringle Creek Sustainable Living Center (SLC) is an education center for learning the technical and interpersonal skills needed to reduce our footprint on the earth, and help us live fuller, happier, and healthier lives.

Using Pringle Creek Community as our living laboratory for sustainable living, the SLC will offer hands-on learning by workshop and classes, experiential learning by observation and research, and fun social and educational events. We recognize that the elements of sustainable living are systems that interact with and depend upon one another, and are not sustainable separate from the larger systems in which they exist; in a sustainable community, “all things are connected.” Our principal areas of focus – all of which weave into one another – are: Food, Energy, Culture, Society, Shelter, and Ecology.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Pringle Creek Community for more information >