1. Preserve open space (12 of 32 acres)

2. Save 80% of existing trees through efficient planning (160 Trees)

3. Capture, absorb and infiltrate 90% of all rainwater that falls on site

4. Use 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) lumber for all construction

5. Save and renovate existing greenhouses for use in the community garden

6. Deconstruct two buildings from site and rebuild in Eugene, Oregon

7. Preserve and restore four existing buildings to U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification

8. Restore & revitalize Pringle Creek’s natural habitat and riparian zone


9. Build a community where every home will exceed both Earth Advantage™ and Energy Star™ standards

10. Build an entire neighborhood of Carbon Neutral homes (26 dwellings)

11. Build porous pavement Green Streets system that infiltrates stormwater, protects environment and enhances livability

12. Use on-site ground source Geothermal energy to heat & cool mixed-use residential structures

13. Convert an abandoned steam tunnel into a natural ventilation system that helps heat & cool one of the commercial buildings

14. Recycle concrete, metal and wood whenever possible (over 200 tons recycled so far!)

15. Re-use deconstructed building elements for new structural components and community art installations

16. Mill wood on-site using trees that had to be taken down, and use lumber for community construction projects

17. Encourage contractors to use Bio-Diesel in construction and heavy equipment (and they are!)

18. Use reclaimed Concrete Bridge from state highway project to cross Pringle Creek

19. Build new commercial/mixed-use buildings to meet U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum level


20. Enable income, age and lifestyle diversity by offering a variety of housing types

21. Rehabilitate Painters’ Hall into a community building available for community use

22. Create a community where every home is built for healthy indoor air quality and energy efficiency

23. Encourage walking with a system of safe streets, sidewalks, trails & paths

24. Create affordable housing by building small, energy efficient housing that keep the cost of living low

25. Create a vibrant Village Center with public space, work space, shops, housing & events pavilion

26. Create a mix of community gathering places (urban and natural, public and private)

27. Create economic growth by using local businesses, services & contractors

28. Build residential structures that encourage in-home offices, businesses & art studios

29. Create Community Gardens with plots available for residents to grow food & flowers

30. Provide high-speed LAN and wireless access throughout the Community

31. Include access to Public Transportation systems

32. Build a Bio-Diesel Co-Op fueling station (solar-powered, of course!) in the community

33. Develop a community Car Share Program

34. Have a Bicycle Share and Repair service in the community

35. Establish the Sustainable Living Center as an education and resource facility

These 35 things are just some of the features taking place at Pringle Creek Community. Come by and see for yourself how the principles of sustainability are building a community.

Let’s build a place!